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Gail Myers Founders Award

This award commemorates the life of Gayle Myers who, along with her husband and partner Ken, made a sustained, selfless contribution to the Northeast Ohio Balloon Pilots Association (NOBPA).
This award is the highest honor NOBPA can bestow on a member.  In order to be eligible for this award, the individual must have been a member of NOBPA for at least 15 years and over that time demonstrated the same sort of sustained, selfless contribution to NOBPA that we all think of when remembering Gayle Myers.

Recipients of this award include:

2023: Marie Russell

2016: Penny Suttle

2015: Dick Rossen

2014: Lynee Bixler

2013: Alex Jonard

2012:  Beth Davidson

2011: Paul Suttle

2010: Mike Emich

2009: Bill Cloninger

2008: Beverly Zanella

2007: Maury Sullivan

2006: Ken Myers

2005: Fred Muffet

2004: Carol Weiner
2003: Bob Zanella

Spirit of Annie Award

This award recognizes an Observer, Official or Event Worker who personifies the "Spirit of Annie"
"Being the Best You Can Be"
With the ability to interact positively with people from all aspects of ballooning.

Recipients of this award include:

2010: Dottie Humbert

2010: Bob Humbert

2008: Maury Sullivan

2007: Jim McKenney

2006: Barb Davis

2005: Beverly Zanella

2004: J. W. Byrd

2003: Morgan Schrader

2002: Bill McLaughlin

2001: Jim Diball

2000: Kim Wilson

1999: Josh Swallow

1998: Patty Cramer

1997: Mike Tuten

1996: Donna McTavish

1995: Sally Shields

1994: Tom Tyler

1993: Gil Prine

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